H.J. Müller Collection

Hans J. Müller and Georg Müller
The Company

There is an old silk weaving mill in Germany, Moenchengladbach. Certainly silk no longer is the result of the creative work at home there, but rather other beautiful objects leave the old factory building.

Jewelry made from 585 /750 Gold and 925 Silver replaces the noble fabric of earlier days and reminds of a time which has passed for around 100 years. The floral ornaments of the Nouveau Art have influenced the brothers Georg and Hans Josef Mueller. At first their interest was accounted to crafts, from which they developed their later passion for antique jewelry.

In 1972 the brothers founded the HJM Collection and have been designing jewelry based on historic samples. Over time one style of jewelry has emerged as the preferred one: Art Nouveau - Jugendstil - Victorian Jewelry Style. Gently curved lines, laminar ornaments as well as a lot of color characterize this type of jewelry. Next to abstract motifs, there are also natural themes, such as nymphs, fairies, flowers, branches, insects and other animals. Of course the decorative aspect remains in the foreground and is intensified by the use of a huge variety of material.

Round about 1000 designs have been assembled by H. J. Mueller Collection which serve as samples for all their pieces of jewelry. The samples, assembled from museums, books and Hans & Georg Designs, are authentically crafted in the manufactory for jewelry. The elaborate art of enamelling is done by a forewoman, who was specifically hired for this task. Gemstones and pearls perfect the artful valuables, which are by no means inferior to the originals.

In the last few years it was not only possible for the HJM Collection to craft historic replicas of Victorian Style, Jugendstil and Art Nouveau Jewelry, but they were also able to establish their own collection, which follows their own reinvented and modern line of composition. This multiplicity is reflected by the customers of the family business, which include jewelers, galleries and museums.

The entire family already takes part in reinventing the beauty of the old precious treasures and in developing recent and modern designs. Hence they manage to create a balance between art historic replicas and contemporary jewelry.

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A jewelry manufactory welcomes you...
Goldsmith at work in the Art Nouveau jewellery manufacture
Art Nouveau and Victorian Jewelry manufactory goldsmith at work
Making of enamel jewellery in the Jugendstil manufacture
"The art of enamelling " - Emailleuse working on Victorian Jewelry
Nouveau Art, Victorian Style and Jugendstil exhibition
The Nouveau Art, Victorian and Jugendstil exhibition: H.J. Müller Collection
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